Late 70s Greco Brian May "Red Special" BM-900/ JV-2870

Late 70s Greco "Project Reries" Brian May of Queen "Red Special" Copy model, Super rare!!

First issue of Brian May "Red Special" Copy model...Out of product long time ago. Super rare and hard to find!!

  • 100% original in more than 8.75/10 condition. Only 2 backle wears on body back (See photo)
  • Including Owner's manual and more!!
  • With original Special Black Case.

Rare & Dream Collection
Late 70s Greco Project Resies
Brian May "Red Special" Copy Model
BM-900/ JV-2870

Special Price US$2,100

100% original in clean condition, body sill keep shining!!
*Mahogany 24th frets neck, and Mahogany see through red finish body.
*Three Single Coil pickups, Three On/Off Mini-Switch, and Three Phase Mini-Switch.
*Master valume and Tone
*Special Tremolo System