'67 Blond/Rose neck/ VG-1883

Super are 1967 Stratocaster...specialy Ash body original custom color "Blond" Rose neck...Hard to find!!

Fender not so made Stratocaster in 1967...hard to find in current market, the guitar is amazing original ash body "Blond"

  • Only refret and changed nut, 100% original color.
  • '67 ash body original "Blond"...we never seen before!!
  • Three original 60s Black bobbin pickups, strong "Rock'n Roll" sound.(Some time, we can see the black bobbin pickups in 1967, but not same as early 60s Black Bobbin pickups)
  • With original Black Tolex case.

'67 Blond/ VG-1883

Special Price US$14,800

Changed pickguard one time before, two extra screw holes closed neck pickup's cavity, and now perfect restored.
*Neck Date: 13 SEP 67 B
*Pots Date : Vol 137 6XXX Can't read, Tone 137 6618×2
*Pickups : N/A (No dated original Black Bobbin pickups, we can find No dating or hand pencil dating Black Bobbin pickups in 1967))
*With original Black Tolex Case, Tremolo arm, Tremolo Backplate