'55 Sunburst/Maple neck / VG-2709

1Piece Ash body, '55 "2Tone Sunburst"Maple neck in more than 8.25/10 condition.

July '55 Body, Aug '55 Neck and Assy.

  • 100% original.
  • Parfect bakelite plastic parts (Except Switch tip and Tremolo Arm tip)
  • Three original '55 "Short G" Black bobbin pickups.
  • With original Tweed Case,

'55 Sunburst/Maple neck / VG-2709

Special Price US$37,600

July. '55 Body and Aug. '55 Neck ana Assy with all '54 original electrics)
100% original.
Perfect original bakelite plastic parts.(except tremolo tip)
Three original '54 "Short G" Black bobbin pickups, amazing '54 Strat tone!!
*Neck Date: TG-1-54
*Body Date: 11/54
*Pots Date : Vol & Tone- Can't read, Tone-2 304 443
*Pickups :Original '54 "Short G" Black Bobbin PU×3
*With original Tweed case, Tremolo Arm and Tremolo backplate.