'76 Olympic White/Maple neck / VG-2715

Last issue of Plate serial number, '76 Ash body with original "Olympic White" Maple neck.

Only two painting damage at body, but still keep "White" and clean!!

  • Only changed jack, otherwise still keep original!!
  • With original Bridge cver, Owner's manual, Tag, Tremolo spring box, Tools ans Case key.
  • With original Black Tolex Case,

'76 Olympic White/Maple neck / VG-2715

Special Price US$3,100

*Neck Date: 0903-2664
*Pots Date : Vol 137 XXXX Can't read, Tone 137 7620×2
*Pickups : Neck 163876, Center 112476, Bridge 162876
With original Black Tolex case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.