'63 Black/Rose neck / VG-2768

'63 original Super Rare Custom Color "Black" Rose neck.

In Pre-CBS eria, original "Black" color Strats is super rare, of course we had several pieces of '65 original "Black" Strats, but until early '64 Spaghetti Logo eria, we only deal with 3 pieces original "Black" Strats before!!

  • 100% Original (Never touched any solider joints)
  • Crack free original Mint-Green pickguard.
  • Three original 60s Black bobbin pickups, strong and fat tone!!
  • With origional Bridge cover, Strap, Closs and Cord.
  • With original White Tolex Case.

Rare & Dream Collection
'63 Black/Rose neck / VG-2768

Special Price US$41,000

Well played, but still keep 100% original and amazing tone!!
*Neck Date: 2 OCT 63 B
*Pots Date : 304-6324 (All three)
*Pickups :Original 60s Black Bobbin PU×3
*With original White Tolex case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate..