'61 Fiesta Red/Slab Rose neck / VG-2788

Original custom color '61 Fiesta Red/Slab Rose neck in Near Mint condition!!

One of our "Rare & Dream Collection". Original custom color "Fiesta Red" Slab Rose neck.

  • 100% Original (Never touched any solider joints)
  • The guitar futured Nov. 2017 issue of Japanese "Player Magazine Vintage Guitar Feile"
  • With original Bridge cover, Instruction manual, Strap.
  • With original Gold Inner Brown Tolex Case,

Rare & Dream Collection
'61 Fiesta Red/Slab neck / VG-2788

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Only a few tipping at bpdy edge and back, still keep shining and clean!!
Crack free original Mint-Green pickguard.
Three original 60s Black bobbin ickups, straong and fat tome!!
*Neck Date: 11-61
*Pots Date : 304-6124 (All three)
*Pickups :Original 60s Black Bobbin PU×3
*With clean original Gold Inner Brown case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.