Early '69 Candy Apple Red/Rose neck/ VG-2876

Early '69 original custom color "Candy Apple Red" Rose neck.

Body color a little bit faded, but cool!!

  • Refret, changed nut, Vol pot, 5Way-Switcj\h and saddles.
  • Medium Jumbo refrets, strong sound and easy to play!!
  • Early 80s Fender "Vintage Reissue" saddles.
  • With original Black Tolex case.

Early '69 Candy Apple Red/Rose neck / VG-2876

Special Price US$9,500

・White/Black/White 3ply pickguard with aluminum shielding plate, it's intil late '68 details, and "Orange" and "Green" closs wires are early '69 details...the guitar is early '69 transition details.
*Neck Date: 10 SEP 66 B
(The neck date means '66 CORONADE guitar neck, diverted for Stratocaster.. sometime, we can find same details on earky '69 Stratocaster, don't warry the guitar is ture '69 Stratocaster!!
*Pots Date : Vol changed new CTS 250KΩ, Tone 137-6618×2
*Pickups : 9109 (all three)
*With original Black Tolex Case, (Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate are non original parts)