'65 Olympic White/Rose neck /VG-2947

'65 original custom color "Olympic White" Rose neck in more than 8.25/10 condition..

Small headstock, Transition logo, Pearl dods, Brazilian rosewood fretboad, 3 Ply White pickguard...Mid '65 spec.

  • 100% Original (Never touched any solider joints)
  • Body color a little bi turned to "Cream", but cool lookin!!
  • Three original Gary bobbin pickups, strong "Rock" tone!!
  • With original No logo Black Tolex Case.

'65 Olympic White/Rose neck / VG-2947

Special Price US$24,850

Less than 7.4jb feather weight, amazing "Rock" tone!!
*Neck Date: 2 JUN 65 B
*Pots Date : 137-6549 (all three)
*Pickups Date: No date Gray Bobbin×3 (Don't warry, we can easy to find no date '64 & '65 Gray Bobbin pickups)
*With original No logo Black Tolex case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate..