'80 25th Anniversary Stratocaster/Maple neck / VG-2992


Limited Edition '80 25th Anniversary Stratocaster, 100% original im "Bran-New" condition, perfect collector's piece!!

Body & Neck still keep original color and shining, in "Brand-New" condition.

  • 100% original (Never touched any solider joints))
  • With original Anniversary Satificate, Owner's manual, Bridge cover, Strap, Tag, Cross, Cord, Tremolo Spring box and Tools...perfect collector's piece.
  • With Domestic distributer "Yamano Misic" Warranty cord and Catalog.
  • With original late 70s Black Inner Mold Case.

Rare & Dream Collection
'81 International Color Series
Monaco Yellow /Rose neck VG-2972

Special Price US$3,850

・"Brand-New" parfect collector's condition 25th Anniversary Stratocaster is hard to find current market.
*Neck Date: 0902 X 0530
*Assy Date: 12 10 80
*Pots Date : Vol & Tone-2 Can't read, Tone-1 137 7931
*Pickups : Neck XX1380 Can't read. Center & Bridge 211180×2
*With original ate 70s Black Inner Mold Case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.