'56 Sunburst/Maple neck / VG-2996

Alder Body '56 original "Sunburst" Maple neck in more than 8.25/10 condition.

Sep '56 Alder Body and Oct. '56 Neck, original "2Tone Sunburst" Maple neck.

  • Refret and changed nut, Three Pots, 5-Way switch, Jack...perfect player's gear!!
  • All plastick parts (Pickguard, PU Covers, Knobs, Switch-Tip) are late 50s original Knoylon parts, not original Bakelite parts.
  • Small routed under pickgaurd, and now parfect restored (See photos)
  • Three original 50s Black bobbin pickups, strong and fat tone!!
  • With rough Gold inner late 50s original Tweed case

'56 Sunburst/Maple neck / VG-2996

Special Price $19,800

Original "2Tone Sunburst" Maple neck.
Three original 50s Black bobbin pickups, strong fat tone (
*Neck Date: 10-56
*Body Date: 9/56
*Pots Date : Three pots are changed for CTS 250KΩ
*Pickups :Original 50s Black Bobbin PU×3
*With late 50s Tweed Case. (Tremolo arm and backplate are replacement parts)