Early '72 Olympic White/1Strings Tree Maple neck / VG-3006

3Bolt 1Strings tree 3Bolt Maple neck and Steel Tremolo Assy, Perfect Early '72 "Olumpic White" in Near Mint condition!!

Basically 70s 3Bolt Rose neck Strats are rare, but in case of late 71 to early '72 1Strings tree 3Bolt neck, "Maple neck" is hard to find!!
Especially this guitar is original "Olynpic White" with Steel Tremolo assy, perfect Late '71 to Early '72 details...super rare!!

  • 100% original (Never touched any solider joints)
  • Original Steel Tremolo assy (Steel block. "Pat Pend" Steel saddles)
  • Less than 7.7 lb, feather weight.
  • With original Bridge cover, Owner's manual, Tags, Strap, Closs, Cord, Tremolo Spring box, Tools...Perfect collector's piece!!
  • Body color still keep "White" and shining in Near Mint condition.
  • With 70s original Black Tolex case

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Early '72 Olympic White/1Strings Tree Maple neck / VG-3006

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Original "Olympic White"...Super rare and hard to find!!
*Neck Date: 22 FEB 71 B
*Pots Date : Vol 137 7XXXX Can' read, Tone-1& 2 137 7202×2
*Pickups : Neck 6102, Center & Bridge 2112×2
*With 70s Black Tolex Case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate