'81 Sunburst/Rose neck / VG-3008

S9 Head serial#, '81 original "Sunburst" Rose neck in more than 8.0/10 condition.

Last year of Large Headstock, only 7.5 lb super feather weight just same as 70s Alder body Strats.

  • Only Refret and changed nut, 100% original parts. (Parfect refret job, just like an original)
  • Three '80s Mold bobbin pickup, strong tone!!
  • With Fender Japan original Black Tolex case (Not 70s vintage case)

'81 Sunburst /Rose neck / VG-3007

Special Price $2,100

Threr are a few paint damege at body top.
*Neck Date: 1 20 82
*Assy Date: 03 25 BX Can' read
*Pots Date : Vol Can' read, Tone-1 137 8105, Tone-2 XXX 8112 Can7t read
*Pickups : Neck 18 21 81, Center & Bridge N/A (ThreeMold Bobbin pickups)
*With Fender Japan Black Tolex Case. (Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate are replacement parts)