'62 Fiseta Red /Round Rose neck / VGC-3041

'62 original custom color "Fiesta Red" Rose neck. 100% original in more than 8.0/10 condition.

Dec. '62 Neck date, Round Rose neck '62 original custom color "Fiesta Red". 100% original, Good lookin and Amazing tone!!

  • 100% original (Never touched any solider joints)
  • All nylon parts were faded, but cool lookin, and clack free original Mint Gree pickguard.
  • Less than 7.7lbm feather weight, three original 60s Black bobbin pickups, strong and fat tone!!
  • With original White Tolex case and Bridge cover.
  • Consignment gear.

'62 Fiesta Red /Round Rose neck / VGC-3041

Specisal Price US$46,500

Original '62 custom color "Fiesta Red"
*Neck Date: 2 DEC 62 B
*Pots Date : 304-6232×3
*Pickups :Original 60s Black Bobbin PU×3
*With original White Tolex case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.