Early '79 Olympic White /Rose neck / VG-3080

S9 Head Serial# early '79 original "Olympic White" Rose neck. 100% original in more than 8.75/10 condition.

Body color a little bit turned to cream, and only small tipping at bodt top and side, totally clean.

  • 100% original, never touched any solider joints.
  • Ash body about 8.8 lb...a little bit heavy.
  • Strong "Rock'n Roll" tone.
  • With 70s original Black Tolex case.

Early '79 Olympic White /Rose neck / VG-3080

Special Price $2,980

We already done professinal set up, easy to play!!
*Neck Date: 0901 X 3191
*Assy Date: RV-4-24
*Pots Date : Vol 137 790X Can7t read, Tone-1 137 7909, Tone-2 XXX 7909
*Pickups : Neck & Center 181579×2, Bridge 181479
*With original Black Tolex case, Tremolo Arm and Tremolo Backplate.