'74 Blond /Maple neck / VG-3082

Ash body original '74 "Blond"Maple neck. 100% originak in more than 8.5/10 condition.

100% original in more than 8.5/10 condition. Body color turned to cream.
Three original '74 Gray Bobbin pickups, amazing "Rock'n Roll" sound. Ledd than 7.9 lb same as alder body.

  • 100% original (broken solider joints one time before, but frets and nut still keep original)
  • Ash body about 7.9 lb... not so heave same as Alder bodt Strat.
  • Strong "Rock'n Roll" tone.
  • With 70s original Black Tolex case.

'74 Blond /Maple neck / VG-3082

Special Price $4,980

We already done professinal set up, easy to play!!
*Neck Date: 0903 3634
*Pots Date : 137 7439×3
*Pickups : Neck Can't read, Center 153774, Bridge X3774
*With original Black Tolex casem Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.