1965 Stratocaster Ice Blue Metallic / VG-3122

Super rare Custom Color "Ice Blue Metallic". 100% original in Near Mint condition...Perfect collector's piece!!

Original Custom color "Ice Blue Metallic"...hard to find in current market. Body top coat a little bit turned to "Green"...Cool looking. A few tipping and playing wears on body back, but still keep shining in Near Mint condition.

  • 100% original. (Never touched any solider joints)
  • Factory original "Jumbo" frets...only can see in '65 and '66 Stratocaster.
  • With matched serial number Instruction manual.
  • The guitar probably custom order to "Fender Sales " because post envelope from Fender Sales to owner within '65 full color catalog, Price list. Accessoies catalog and '65 original custom color chart...Original custom color chard is hard to find...Owner KEY already collect complete Fender custom color charts, but spent a lot of time and big money!!
  • Alder body less than 7.7lb, feather weight, three original '65 Gray Bobbin pickups, strong "Rock" tone!!
  • With original Bridge cover and Strap.
  • With original Black Case.

Rare & Dream Dollection
'65 Ice Blue Metallic /Rose neck / VG-3122

Special Price US$59,800

Perfect collector's piece, '65 original custom color "Ice Blue Metallic" Stratocaster in Near Mint condition,
*Neck Date: 2 NOV 65B
*Pots Date : Vol Can't read, Tone 304-6542×2
*Pickups Date: 12-17-65×3
*With original Mid 60s Black Tolex case.