'75 Natural Stratocaster /Maple neck / VG-3355

Ash body '75 original "Sunburst" Maple neck, only medium jumbo refet and changed nut, otherwise original in clean condition.

1975 ash body original strong "3Tone Sunburst" Maple neck in more than 8.75/10 condition.
Medium jumbo style refret and changed nut. otherwise still keep original.
Ash body less than 8.5lb, three original flatpole Gray bobbin pickups, strong "Rock'n Roll" sound and easy to play.

  • Only medium jumbo style refret and changed nut.Otherwise still keep original.
  • Body and Neck both no faded, sill keep shining!!
  • Ash body about 8.5lb not so heavy, three original Gray Bobbin pickups, strong "Rock'n Roll" sound!!
  • Changed tuners one time, now back to late 70s original "F" tuners and extra tuners hole were perfect restored. (See photos)
  • With original late 70s Black case.

'75 Natural/Rose neck / VG-3355

Special Price US$4,400

・We alredy done proffecinal set up, original frets more than 85% left, easy to play.
*Neck Date: 0903 3624
*Pots Date : Vol 137 7517, Tone-1 137 7510, Tone-2 137 7511
*Pickups Dates: Neck XXXX75, Center XX1575, Bridge 165474
With original 70s Black Tolex Case (Tremolo arm and Tremolo Backplate are replacemt parts)