'80 Fresher FS1007 Natural /Maple neck / JV-2945

Super rare '80 Fresher FS1007, Effector Built-in Stratocaster Copy model...Hard to find!!

Auto Wah, Phaser, Distortion (Sustiner) built in the body, Fresher FS1007 Stratocaster copy model, only made in late 70s to early 80s...not so many product, hard to find in current Japanese market.

  • All built-in effectors parfect working. Only restorerd the baterry box, others still keep original (including frets and nut)
  • With non original Hard shell Case,

Rare & Dream Collection
'80 Fresher FS1007 Natural /Maple neck/ JV-2945

Special Price US$2,750

Super rare and Hard to find!!
*With non original Hardshell case, Tremolo arm.