1998 Jimi Hendrix VooDoo Stratocaster Olympic White/Rose neck / UG-2339

1997 Fender USA Jimi Hendrix VooDoo Stratocaster "Olympic White" Rose neck.

Only priducted two years in 1997 and '98, Jimi Hendrix "VooDoo Stratocaster". It's hard to find in current market. "Olympic White" "Black" and "Sunburst" three colors, and Maple Cap neck and Rosewood neck for borth color, total 6 variations.
We have all six variation gears in "Strato-Crazy" shop collection, and now we sale these our shop collection!!
This gear is "Olympic White" color with "Rose neck". Almost "VooDoo Stratocaster" were out of product with Maple neck..."Olympic White" with "Rose neck" is super rare and hard to find!!
100% original in Mint condition.

  • 100% original (Never touched any solider joints)
  • No playing wears and paint damege, and still keep "White" and shining in Mint condotion.
  • With original Bridge cover, Strap, Cord and almost evey accessories...perfect collector's piece!!
  • With original Black Tolex case.

Rare & Dream Collection
1998 Fender USA
Jimi Hendrix VooDoo Stratocaster
Olympic White / Rose neck /UG-2339

Special Price US$3,480

100% original,
We already done professional set up, easy to play!!
*With original Black Tolex case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.