'54 Sunburst/Maple neck / VG-3032

May '54 Body, June '54 Neck & Assy, 100% original Early '54 Sunburst in 8.25/10 condition.

Serial number 03XX, 250KΩSolid shaft Vol pot, 100KΩ Solid shaft Tone pots...Early '54 details. Now with normal shape bakelte knbs, SW-Tip and Center pocket tweed case, but in 1954 the guitar possible had "Short Skirts knobs". "Football SW-Tip" and "Formfit case"

  • 100% original (including frets and nut), but broke solider joints one time before.
  • Parfect bakelite plastic parts. (including tremolo bar tip)
  • Three original '54 "Short G" Black bobbin pickups.
  • With original Center pocket Tweed Case, Bridge cover, '54 Brown color Leather strap and Cord.

'54 Sunburst/Maple neck / VG-3032

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Three original '54 "Short G" Black bobbin pickups, amazing '54 Strat tone!!
*Neck Date: TG-6-54
*Body Date: 5/54
*Assy Date: mary 6-10-54
*Pots Date : Vol 250KΩ Solid shaft pot, & Tone-1250KΩ Solis Shaft Pot Can't read, Tone-2 250KΩ Solid shafy pot 304 341
*Pickups :Original '54 "Short G" Black Bobbin PU×3
*With original Center Pocket Tweed case, Tremolo Arm and '54 round holes Tremolo backplate.