'60 Precision Bass Sunburst "Lefty"/Slab Rose neck / VGC-3062

'60 Precision Bass Sunburst "Lefty", 100% original in Near Mint condition!!

Yes, we are vintage Fender Stratocaster specialized shop and Precision bass is out of our deal. The guitar came from our V.I.P.Customer's consignment gear. Of course, we checked in carefully and we guaranty it's 100% original parfect collector's piece...Strong 3 Tone Sunburst "Slab" Rose neck.

  • 100% original (Never touched any solider joints)
  • Only a few small tipping at body top and back, but almost clean and shining!!
  • No bridge covers, but with original Fender Bass manual.
  • With original Red inner Brown Tolex case, but not "Lefty" style, but just fit the guitar.
  • Alder body 8.5lb, feather weight.
  • Fat "U" shape neck.
  • Consignment gear.

Rare & Dream Dollection
'60 Precision Bass Sunburst "Lefty" /Slab Rose neck / VGC-3062

Specisal Price US$15,800
・Body has "L-H T-313" hand pencil writing under the pickguard.
・Neck cavity was full painting and "L H" pencil hand writing under painting.
*Neck Date: 8 60
*Body Date: 8/60
*Pots Date : 137 6042×2
*With original Clean Red inner Brown Tolex Case.