1978 Stratocaster Olympic White /Rose neck / VG-3128

S9 Head Serial# '78 original "Olympic White" Rose neck. 100% original in Near Mint condition!!

Body & Head still keep "White"and shining!! (No turned to cream and brown). A few small tipping at body eadge, but amazing in Near Mint condition. Pefect collector's piece!!

  • 100% original. (Never touched any solider joints)
  • With original Bridge cover, Owner's manual, Tag, Japanese distributer "Yamano Music" warranty cord, Strap, Closs, Tremolo spring box, tools...perfect collector's piece!!
  • Ash body less than 8.5lb feather weight, Three original '78 Gray bobbin pickups, strong "Rock(n Roll" sound.
  • Un-mached Neck serial number and Pickguard serial number, but the serial number of original "Yamano Music" warranty cord matched them. Serian number of warranty cord matched pickguard serial number, and the serial number was changed by hand writing, and new serial number matched for Head serial number...we think the guitar was changed the neck by some reson before sale. (See photos)
  • With original Bridge cover, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.
  • With clean original Black Case.

Rare & Dream Dollection
'78 Olympic White /Rose neck / VG-3128

Specisal Price US$3,650

Already done professinal set up, original frets still keep more than 90% left.
*Neck Date: Can't read
*Pots Date : Vol 137 7832, Tone-1 137 7828, Tone-2 XXX X826 Can't read
*Pickups Date: Neck 174578, Center 544778, Bridge 64578
*With original late 60s Black Tolex case, Tolemoro arm and Tremolo backplate.