1981 Stratocaster Cathay Maui Blue /Rose neck / VG-3172

One of '81 International Color Series "Maui Blue"Rose neck, 100% originak with Wild flamed neck!!

Fender produced "International Color Limited Edition" in 1981, this is one of them "Maui Blue"and super rare "Rosewood neck"with Wild Flamed neck!! .International Color Series futured White/Black/White Pickguard and Tremolo backplate, and Black mounting screws. These are some small tipping and scrached wears on Body top and back, but body color not faded still keep original coloe!!

  • 100% original. (Never touched any solider joints)
  • Ash body more than 10.5 lb, a little bit heavy but amazing strong and fat tone.
  • Amazing wild flamed neck!!
  • With original Mold Case.

Rare & Dream Dollection
'81 International Color Series
Maui Blue /Rose neck / VG-3172

Specisal Price US$3,550

We already done professional set and easy to pay. (Original frets more than 80% left)
With original correct year Mold Case, but the case fitted 25th Anniversary Strat before (4Bolt neck plate marks)
*Neck Date: 0900-1381
*Pots Date : Vol 13X XXXX Can't read, Tone-1 137-8020, Tone-2 XXX 8020 Can't Read.
*Pickups Date: 50979×3 (Bridge pickup os high power X-1)
*With original correct year Mold case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.