'59 Sunburst Stratocaster /Slab Rose neck / VG-3205

'59 original "Sunburst" Slab Rose neck, 100% original in 7.5/10 condition. Good lookin and amazing tone!!

First year od Slab Rose neck, '59 original "Faded Two Tone Sunburst".
100% original in more than 7.5/10 condition. Well played "Good Lookin" and amazing strong fat tone!!

  • 100% original (Broken solider joints one time before, but still keep 100% original including frets and nut)
  • Alder body less than 7.3lb, super feather weight, three original North pole 50s original Black bobbin pickups...strong and fat tone!!
  • Original Mint Gree pickguard, but cracket closed neck pickup, and losted 1st string side tip. (See photos)
  • With original Brown Tolec case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.

'59 Sunburst /Slab Rose neck / VG-3205

Special Price US$32,850

・We alredy done proffecinal set up, original frets more than 85% left, easy to play.
・Pickguard changed one time before, and now back to original Mint-Green pickguard, two extra pickguard screw holes under pickguard, and now perfect restored. (See photos)
・Tremolo springs cavity was sanded, and can not read the body date (See photos)
*Neck Date: N/A (Don't warry, '59 Slab Rose neck has no Neck date)
*Body Date: Can't read
*Pots Date : Vol & Tone-2 304-5946×2, Tone-1 304-59XX Can't read
*Pickups : 50s original Black bobbin×3
With original Brown Tolex case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.