'60 Sunburst Stratocaster /Slab Rose neck / VG-3214

'60 original "Sunburst" Slab Rose neck. 100% original in Minmt condition, came from original ownmer's wife, perfect collector's piece!!

'60 original "Faded two tone sunburst" Slab Rose neck. 100% original in Mint condition...super clean perfect one!! Came from original owner's wire, After the owner died, his wife deside to imigrate to Hawaii. When she arranged the garageand find out the guitar...she never know his husband had the guitar and he can play it. She deside to sale the guitar near guitar shop, and we received the offer from store.
The guitar only has a few small tipping at body edge, 100% original just like an "New"...Body and all parts are still keep clean and shining!! With original Bridge cover, Strao Cord, Instruction manual, Tag and super rare Brown Tolex case. And super are genuine Fender Strings AD...the owner KEY never sean before!!

  • 100% original (Never touhed any solider joints)
  • Alder body less than 7.5lb, super feather weight, three original North pole 50s original Black bobbin pickups...strong and fat tone!!
  • Crack free original Mint Gree pickguard and all prastic parts stiill keep clean and no turned to yellow.
  • With original Brown Tolec case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.

Rare & Dream Collection
'59 Sunburst /Slab Rose neck / VG-3214

Special Price US$52,850

・Super clean perfect collector's piece!!
*Neck Date: N/A (Don't warry, '59 and early '60 Slab Rose neck has no Neck date)
*Body Date: 2/60
*Pots Date : 304-5948 (all three)
*Pickups : 50s original Black bobbin×3
With original Brown Tolex case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.