Early 80s Fresher FS-682 Burgundy Red /Rose neck / JV-3061

Super rare Early 80s Fresher FS-682, Effector Built-in Stratocaster Copy model...Hard to find!!

Auto Wah, Phaser, Distortion (Sustiner) built in the body, Fresher FS-682 Stratocaster copy model, only made in late 70s to early 80s...not so many product, hard to find in current Japanese market.
The guitar is chaper edition of F1007.

  • All built-in effectors parfect working. 100% original in Ment condition. No weras on body and neck and still keep shining.
  • Flamed maple neck (see photos)
  • With non original Hard shell Case,

Rare & Dream Collection
Early 80s Fresher FS-682 Burgundy Red /Rose neck/ JV-3061

Special Price US$1,880

Super rare and Hard to find!!
*With non original Hardshell case, Tremolo arm.