Mid 60s Stratocaster

From 1966 to 1971 4Bolt Neck Stratocaster

UP Date:2021.01.14

'66 Candy Apple Red/Rose neckVG-2448

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Rare & Dream Collection
'66 original custom color "Candy Apple Red". 100% original in "Brand-New" condition. With almost every accsesorries, perfect collector's piece!! Strong "Rock" Tone.

'66 Olympic White/Rose neckVG-2940

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'66 original custom color "Olympic White" Rose neck in Beat-Up condition. Medium jumbo refrets and changed nut, pots and 5Way-SW. The guitar had "Kaller Tremolo System" one time before, and back to original long time ago, and perfect restored. Player's deam!!

'66 Olympic White/Rose neckVG-2957

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'66 original custom color "Olympic White" Rose neck in more than 8.25/10 condition. Only added extra strap buttom at body back, otherwise still keep original, no turned to "cream". Ledd than 7.7lb and mazing "Rock" tone. Factory jumbo frets!!

'67 Candy Apple Red/Rose neckVG-2131

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Basecaly in 1967, Stratocaster made not so many and the custom color "Candy Apple Red" is hard to find!! Body color a little faded. Only refret and changed nut, 100% original parts.

Early '68 Black/Maple Cap neckVG-2980

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Super rare, Transition logo Early '68 original custom color "Black" Maple Cap neck. 100% original in more than 8.0/10condition. Amazing strong "Rock" tone!!

'69 Black/Rose neckVG-2797

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Original rare custom color '69 "Black" Rose neck. 100% original in more than 7.5/10 condition. Well played but cool lookin and amazing "Rock'n Roll" tone!!