70s Stratocaster

From 1971 to 1981 3Bolt Neck Stratocaster

UP Date:2021.09.25

'74 Black/Maple neckVG-2189

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Alder body original "Black" Maple neck. 100% original in 8.25/10 condition. Only a small paint tipping at body edge, but clean!! Player's dream, amazing "Rock'n Roll" sound.

'75 Natural "Lefty"/Maple neckVG-2803

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Ash body '75 "Natural・Lefty" Maple neck, Refret changed nut pots ans 5Way-SW. Body color turned to brown. Easy to play.

'76 Sunburst/Rose neckVG-3065

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Last issue of Neck plate serial number,Ash body '76 Sunburst Rose neck in more than 8.5/10 condition. Only refret and changed nut, 100% original parts. Less than 7.6lb super feather weight and amazing tone!!

'77 Olympic White/Rose neckVG-2933

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Rare & Dream Collection
S7 Head serial # '77 "Olympic White" Rose neck. 100% original in Near Mint condition. Perfect collector's piece.

'80 Natural/Maple neckVG-2896

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S9 Head serial number '80 "Naturalt" Maple neck. Only changed nut, othrwise still keep original in more than 8.5/10 condition. Body color a little bit turned to brown but sill keep shining.