'65 Olympic White Tortoiseshell Pickguard & Gold hardwars /Rose neck / VG-3038

'65 original "Olympic White" with Tortoiseshell pickguard and Gold hardware. futured "The Galazy of Strats" page38 & 39.

Weather cracked on body top and back, Good shape of origoinal gold hardware, with original Tortoiseshell pickguard...Super rare details. Body color a little bid turned to "Cream" in more than 8.25/10 condition.

  • 100% original (Never touched any solider joints)
  • Original Gold hardware still keep "Gold" and shining. with original Bridge cover and Tremolo arm.
  • Super rare original Mid 60s "Mold Case", only broken Case handle, other still keep original...suoer rare!!
  • Three original '65 "Gray Bobbin" pickups, amazing strong "Rock" tone!!
  • Less than 7.8 lb, feather weight.
  • Futured "The Galaxy of Strats" page 38 & 39, including the book.

Rare & Dream Dollection
'65 Olympic White Tortoiseshell pickguard & Gold hardware /Rose neck / VG-3038

Special Price US$52,000

Original '65 custom color "Olympic White" with original Tortoiseshell pickguard and Gold hardware.
*Neck Date: 2 SEP 65 B
*Pots Date : 137-6549×3
*Pickups : Neck & Center 8-18-65×2, Bridge 8-19-65
*With original suoer rare mid 60s Mold case, Gold Bridge cover and Tremolo arm, Tremolo backplate.