'54 Sunburst "Hardtail"/Maple neck / VG-3043

'54 Sunburst "Hardtail" Maple neck, 100% original in Near Mint condition, Perfect collector's piece!!

Sep. '54 Neck, Body and Assy. '54 Sunburst "Hardtail" in more than 9.0/10 condition. Body still keep shining. Only small paint rush at body edge and a few tipping wears on body back, but clean!!

  • 100% original (Broken solider joint at Volume pot one time before, others are parfect, including frets and nut.)
  • Perfect original Bakelite plastic parts.
  • We found '54 "Hardtail" Strats several times before, but this gear is cleanest one we have seen!!
  • Three original '54 "Short G" Black bobbin pickups, amazing '54 Strat tone!!
  • Three solid shaft pots, Volume pot is 250KΩ, Tone pots are 100KΩ×2
  • Less than 7.1 lb super feather weight.
  • With original Cloth, Strap and Case name holder. ('54 Catalog wasre-printed)

Rare & Dream Dollection
'54 Sunburst "Hardtail" /Maple neck / VG-3043

Special Price US$67,500

Perfect collector's piece, '54 Sunburst "Hardtail" Stratocaster in Near Mint condition.
*Neck Date: TG-9-54
*Body Date: 9/54
*Assy Date: Virgnia 9-26-54
*Pots Date : Vol and Tone-1 Can't read. Tone-2 304 430
*Pickups : '54 original "Short G" Black Bobbin pickups×3
*With original Center Pocket Tweed Case