1967 Stratocaster Charcoal Frost Metallic / VG-3120

Super rare and haedto find '67 Stratocaster, and super rare custom color "Charcoal Frost Metallic" rose neck, 100% original in Near Mint condition.

'67 Stratocaster not so many and hard to find, the guitar is rare custom color "Charcoal Frost Metallic"...100% original in Near Mint condition, super rare and perfect collector's piece!!
Body color a little bit turned to green, but no wears and still keep shining!!
We sold on 2019, and now buy buck again!!

  • 100% original. (Never touched any solider joints)
  • Only a few scrached wears at body back and small paint tipping at body edge (Seephotos)
  • Alder body less than 7.9lb, feather weight.
  • Three original '67 Gray Bobbin pickups, amazing strong "Rock" tone.
  • With original Bridge cover and "Brand-New" condition black leather strap.
  • With original Black Case.

Rare & Dream Dollection
'67 Charcoal Frost Metallic /Rose neck / VG-3120

Special Price US$42,500

Perfect collector's piece, '67 original custom color "Charcoal Frost Metallic" Stratocaster in Near Mint condition,
*Neck Date: 13 SEP 66 B
*Pots Date : 304-6618×3
*Pickups : Neck & Bridge 1-20-67×2, Center 4-13-67
*With original Mid 60s Black Tolex case.