'70s Greco Stratocaster Copy Model SE-600 Natural/Maple neck / JV-1954

Japan Vintage Stratocaster Copy Model, '70s Greco SE-600 "Natural" Maple neck, 100% original in Mint condition!!

70s Greco Stratocaster Copy Model SE-600 Natural Maple neck...Pre-CBS 50s Fender Maple neck Stratocaster comy model. This guitar racquire finised.
100% original in Mint condition with original Hardsell case & Gig bag...Perfect collector's piece.
Came from "Strato-Crazy" shop collection.

  • 100% original (Never touched any solider joints)
  • Less than 6.8lb...feather weight, and amazing tone!!
  • Body and Neck borth color a little bit turned to "Brown"
  • With original Instruction manual, Tag and Waranty card and more.
  • With Black hardsell case and Gig bag.

Rare & Dream Collection
70s GrecoStratocaster Copy Model
SE-600 Natural /Maple neck/ JV-1954

Special Price US$1,200

Super rare and Hard to find!!
We already done professional set up, original frets more than 90% lefy, easy to play!!
*With original "Fernandes" logo Black Hardshell case, Tremolo arm., Tremolo backplate.