When you purchase the Vintage Stratocaster from H.I.Guitars, Inc. "Strato-Crazy", we are happy to requests for a trade-in and/or Up-Grading of the Vintage Stratocaster which you currently prossess.


Target Stratocasters for the Trade-In are:

  • The items which you can trade-in are limited to the Vintage Fender Stratocasters.
    *Manufacturd from 1954 to 1981 Stratocasters.
    *Welcome to the Refinished and/or some parts changed Player's Stratocasters.
  • The current Fender USA-made and/or Custom Shop-made Stratocasters are not applicable for this service.
  • And so, the parts and cases and other accessoroes of Vintage Fender Stratocaster are not applicable for trade-in.

Trade-In dealing Process

  1. At first, please send us the E-mail, titled "Trade-In".
    When you are sending the E-Mail, please attach the digital photos of your guitar which clearly show the current condition of it and provide us the following the speifications (whatever ou know)..
    The Specifications we want know are:
    ・The year of manufactured, color and the condition of the guitar.
    ・Whather you have refreted, and/or replaced nut and other parts.
    ・A date of the Neck and Body, Pots and Pickups date cord, and serial number.
    ・Presence of the case, Tremolo arm, Tremolo backplate an other accessories.
  2. After checking the specifications and photos which you sent us by E-mail, we will give you an estimated trade-in price and the condition of deal.
    ・It is possible that we may not accept your offer in various reasons, such as the condition of item you want to trade-in,
    ・It is possble that we may ask you to send us the additional information and/or digital photos.
  3. When we reach an agreement with the condition of the trade-in, you need to send us the guitar which you want to trade-in.
    ・You are possible for the shipping fee.
    ・Please clearly state "Trade-In" on the shipping invoice.
  4. As soon as we recieve your guitar, we will inspect it..
    And them, we will send you the the detailed result by E-mail.
    ・If these s no problem with the guitar you aent us, we will ask you to rimit additional money to us according to the conditions we have agree in advance.
    ・As soon we confirm the deposit of the additional payent, we will ship the guitar to you on the nexy business day.
     (We cover the shipping charge).
    ・If you re not safisfied with the guitar, please contact us within 48 hours of the delivery.
     We will cancel your order by following our "Return and Refound Policy" ・If you re not safisfied with the guitar, please contact us within 48 hours of the delivery.
     We will cancel your order by following our "Return and Refound Policy"
    ・If you want to cancel the deal, please return the items which we sent you
     (You are responsible for the shipping fees).
    ・At the time of shipping, please state "Return and Refund Item" on the shipping invoice.
    ・Until all deals will be closed, we will store the trade-in item that you sent us in advance with a great care.
     So please feel easy about it.
  5. As soon as we recieve the returned item, we will conduct the inspection.
    ・And after we confirm to condition of returned item is the same as the condition of it at the time of shipping, we will return your the trade-in guitar to you..
     We will require you the return shipping fees, that. we will offset from your refund bank wire amount.
     (If you wish for sale and if the price reaches an agreement, it is possible for you to sale the guitar which you wanted to trade-in.)
     We will cancel your order by following our "Return and Refound Policy"
  6. When you recieve the guitar, please check it.
    ・As soon as you confirm these is no problem, please contact us, and them we will deposit the differemce you have paid in advance to the appointed bank wire account on next business day.
    ・We require you the bank wire fees (US$65.00): It is offset from your refund bank wire amount).
    ・We refund you in the same currency (Iapanese Yed or US$) as you remit us.
     Aforigen exchange prifit and an exchange loss which may occur later on are out of the scope of our guarantee.

To bigining with, please feel free to contact us.