70s Stratocaster

From 1971 to 1981 3Bolt Neck Stratocaster

UP Date:2022.07.23

'74 Black "Lefry"/Maple neckVG-1349

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Alder body '74 original "Black" Lefty Maple neck. Used for right hander one time, changed nut and extra strap bottom hole, now back to original in Near Mint condition. Body still keep shining and clean.

'76 Olympic White/Rose neckVG-3129

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Last issue of Neck plate serial number,Ash body '76 Olympic Rose neck in more than 8.0/10 condition. Body color still keep "White"

'78 Olympic White/Rose neckVG-3128

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Rare & Dream Collection
S9 Head serial number '78 "Olympic White" Rose neck. 100% original. Body & Neck still keep "White" and still keep shining!! Pefect collector's piece!!

'80 Natural/Maple neckVG-2896

Special Price US$2,330

S9 Head serial number '80 "Naturalt" Maple neck. Only changed nut, othrwise still keep original in more than 8.5/10 condition. Body color a little bit turned to brown but sill keep shining.

'80 The Strat Candy Apple Red /Rose neckVG-3039

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Rare & Dream Collection
First year of The Strat, Candy Apple Red Rose neck. 100% original in Mint condition. Still keep shining and clean, perferct collector's piece!!