H.I.Guitars,Inc. will comply with the applicable laws and governmental regulations regards to the treatment of personal information. And also, we will always usdate our policy to makw every possible efforts to protect customer's important private information.

Purposes of Collecting Personal Information

H.I.Guitars, Inc. will only collect and register parsonal information for the following purposes, ans we will clarify purposes and will recieve agreement from the customer before collection the,m.
Purposes of collection personal information are:

  • To communicate with the customer who senda an inquiry to the shop.
  • To visit us and to do the business (Purchase items from us)
  • Buying, Trade-In and Consignment with us.

Purposes of Using Personal Information

H.I.Guitars, Inc. uses collected personal information for following purposes and our usages won't deviates from them.

  • to contact the customer,
  • to replay to the inquiry from the customer,
  • to conduct services to the customer
  • to creat, maintain, and manage the "Antique Management Ledger" (designated ledger determined by law)

The provision of Paersonal Information of the Third Party

H.I.Guitars, Inc. will never isclose personal information which we collect from customers to the third party except for the follwing cases.
Those cases are:

  • the customer agree with the disclosure because the compny will provide services, including a shipping and/or returning good and remittance procedure regardind buying and/or consignment of goods.
  • the company will be requested from the police, the custom and other authorities.
  • disclosure of personal information is required by law.
  • In those exceptions, H.I.Guitars, Inc. have no responsibilities regardind the handling and the administration of those information which obtained from us.

Disclosure of Parsonal Information and revision of itspolicy

When H.I.Guitars, Inc. will requests from the customer regardinf the disclosure, the revision and the deletion of hi/her parsonal information, we will do sowithin a lawful extent after identifying the personal him-herself.
However, those personal information which gather during the proceeding of the antique tradind business (e,g,,buying, trade-in and consignment) are required by the law, and we have to comply with the law.
So it is impossible for us to delete and return the customer's personal information including a copy of his/her passport or driver's license card.

For contact about all the Parsonal Information

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