The H.I.Guitars, Inc. "Strato-Crazy" is the only one specialized shop where handle the Vintage Fender Stratocasters in the world.

Since 2002, the H.I.Guitars, Inc. "Strato-Crazy" has been doing a business based on principle, "Making the customer safisfies", which comes from twenty-year of business abd sales experiences of yhe owner, Key.
And we are pround to say that we have been recieving high reputations from customers in all over the world.

It's seems that the markets of the Vintage guitars, including the Vintage Stratocasters, have been expanding on global scales and have established.

On the other hand, it is true yhat gaining the Vintage Stratocasters in reasonable price become difficult. If youpay the high price for Stratocaster of your dream, it should be in a perfect!! That is why all staffs at the H.I.Guitars, Inc. "Strato-Crazy" consider the most important task of us is to help making the customer's dream come true.

We want our customers to satisfy with our sales items, so all inventories are selected items which pass the trough wxaminations at the tage of pirchasing and are modulated and re-set to reach the stage of perfection by the specialist. It means that all invoices should safisfy you.

Nowdays, the customer is the one to choose the shop. And the H.I.Guitars, Inc. "Strato-Crazy" really hopes that the Vintage Stratocaster you choose is one of our investories. So we have been devoting ourselves to meet the customers' expectation severy day.

If you have any inquires and/or requests, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward hear from you.

Hiroki "KEY" Iwai, the owner of the H.I.Guiraes, Inc. "Strato-Crazy"

UP Date:2018.05.01

Inventey Policy

The Principle of the H.I.Guitars, Inc. "Strato-Crazzy", is that we only handle the guitars which pass the thoroughly examination conducted by the owner, Key, and safisfy us.

  • Before putting on the market, all guitars are thoroughly examined abd are set and are reajust by our spevialized repair staff.
  • All invetries have our original control stock number (e.g., VG-1810), so when you contact us by an E-mail abd/or a phone, please tell us the year of manufacture, the color and also its contral stock.

Before putting on the market, all guitars are thoroughly examined and are set and are reajust by our spevialized repair staff.

  • Tounderstand the specific chatacterristics of the guitar, we set the tremolo bridge firmly to the body. After purchasing the guitar, if you wish to have a floating setting, we would happy to reajust it in free.
  • At the time of an ajustment, we use a "D'Addario Strings", and string hight is set as low as possible according to the condition of each guitar.
    The gage we are:
    Strat: 0.10~0.46 gages made in 1954 to 968 period.
    Strat: 0.09~0.42 gages made after 1968 periad.
  • If the tremolo arm and/or the tremolo backplte are missing at the time of recievind, we attched the replacement parts at the time of setting.

We provide detailed explanations and various pictures of each guitar based on the reult of the examinations conducted at the arriving and the setting.

  • If you have futher questions and/or requests for additional pictures, please contact us by E-mail. We are happy to respond you as much as possible
  • Also, if you will visit our show room "Strato-Crazy" and you are interested in the inside of each guitar, please request to the staff, we prepar inside of all our inventories and you can checkthe picturea of them.
  • Since the tone character of the guitars hard to explaine and also it is influenced by the individual "ssenses", we don't describe it on our webshight. If you ask us by the E-mail and/or the phone, we are happy to explaine the tone character as much as possible.

The sign, "Consignment", above on our stock listmeans it is the "Consignment items from saler".

  • All items, no matter consignment items or regular purchasing items, go through the same processes of the recieving inspection, the setting and the readjustment.
  • So even the sigh, "Consignment", please consider it as the same as regular inventories.

The Online Shopping Policy

All inventories will be shipped to any countries and regions in the world.

We take Japanese Yen (JPN) and/or US dollors (US$)

We set the price based on Japanese Yen (JPN)

  • When you ask us the pri US$, we are happy to convert Japanese Yen to US$ according to the exchange rate of that day.
  • The exchange rate changes every day. So please understnad that the price on the same guitar in US$ could be defferent in various timings.
  • Once we tell you the price in US$, the price will not changed that the price will not change until the settlement.
    For your tip: If you currency of your countery, we suggest to pay in Japanese Yen.
    Considering two changes for exchanging currency from your country to US$ and them to Japanese Yen, it is more parcitical.

The shipping and handling charge are not including in all prices.

Paymen for purchase can be made via bank wire transfer and/or Casher's Check.

  • The purchaser is liable for any fees for the bank wire transfer and/or the Casher's Check.
  • If you use the Casher's Check, the item will be shipped after the settlement of the check. (Usealy it will take about them days to two weeks)
  • We do not accept the credit card and/or parsonal check.
  • Some books and parts can be paid by the PayPal. (We do not accept PayPal payment for any guitars...only accept bank wire transfer)

When you express your wills to purchase, we will hold the competentitem.

  • Please take the neccesary steps of the bank wiretransfer and/or the Caher's Check in a week.
  • If we nannot confirm the remittance from you after then days; we cancel the HOLD.
  • Basically we don't hold the item even if you make a down payment.

We take all possible measures to ensure the sales items, however, if you are not safisfied with and if you want to return, please contact us within 48 hours of the products delivery. We would happy to return and refund in no matter what reasons.

A Show Room, "Strato-Crazy" Sales Policy

All products price listed in Japanese Yen (JPN).

  • All products price not including 8% Japanese consumption tax.
  • "Strato-Crazy" is not the Duty Free Shop, so any foreign customers are liable for consumption tax. when you are purchasing the item at the shop.
  • We require 8% additinal Japanese consumption tax for each our product price.
  • We only accept Japanese Yen (JPN) when you purchase at the shop.
    If you want to pay in US$, please take in advance before you visit to the shop.

Payment can be made by Japanese Yen (JPN) and/or with credit cards (Visa and Master Cord)

  • If you pay with the credit card, we add 7% charge to total purchase price.

Because of the limited space at the shop, we connot display all inveutories which appear on our websight, so if you cannot find the one you are lookinf for, pleae feel free to ask the staff.

We prepar the pictures which how the inside of each guitar, so please ask the staff if you want to look them up.

If you come to the shop and if you pay 10,000 Japanese Yen as a deposit, it is possible for you to HOLD one guitar.

  • If you cancel the HOLD within a week of making the deposit, we will refund the deposit.
  • We will NOT refund the deposit in case that we cannot confirm the settlement abd/or if you cancel the HOLD after one week.
  • If you change from the HOLD item to the other item after one week, we can NOT refund the deposit either.
  • We can NOT extend the HOLD period after week.

Please understand that playing the guitar at a checking room is only for checking the tone before purchaseing it. We wan't be able to accept casual request, such as "I want to hear the tone abd/or" I just want to play.

If you break the Tremolo Arm abd/or damege the switch and other parts while checking the guitar, we will ask you to purchase the competent guitar, so please handle with the great care.

After purchading of the guitar, we would happy to respond to your requestsuch as packing for check-in the flight, the packing and shipping by accompanied baggae and issuing the invoive. So please ask the staff first.

In case you purchase the guitar at the shop, we won't take any wquest of retirn and refunds.

Also, at the time of purchasing, we will give you the detailed explanations, including the specifications, of the guitar you purchase. If these are any problems which are caused by improper explanations we provide you, we would happy to respond with sincerky.

Retirms and Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the irem which you purchased trough the online, please conact us whitin 48 hours of the product delivery. Whatever the reasons are, we will refund you.

First of all, please contact us by the E-mail and/or by the phone and state you want to return the item you purchased.

Please repack the purchsed item with the same packing materials which re used the time od delicery, and send it back to us.

The items will be returned at your expense.
Please clear state "Return and Refund Item" on the shipping invoice. In the guitar case, please include the note which states the followinginformation regarding the wire transfer.
These information are:

  • The name of a bank and branch
  • A bank address and phone number of the branch
  • A bank ABA routing number (If you know your Swift cord, please let us know , too)
  • Your bank account number and name of the accunt.
  • Your address and phone number

As soon as we recieve the return item, we will conduct the inspection.
After we confirm the condition of the item is the same as the condition of it prior to the shipping, we will refound to designated bank account.

The product price is an object of refund, and the shipping fees at the purchasing will NOT be refund.

Since your are responsibile to pay the shipping fees at the time of return of item, we will cover the fees for the refund the bank wire transfer.

We refund you in the same currency (Jaoanese Yen or US$) that you have remitted us.

A foregine exchange profit and exchange loss which may occur later on are the scope of our guarantee.

If we determine the condition of the retirned item is different from the condition of the one at the time of shipping, we cannot comply with return and refund.
So please handle with great cares.

Buying Policy

The H.I.Guitars, Inc. "Strato-Crazy" is always looking for a Vintage Fender Stratocaster and parts, Cases and other accessories of Vintage Fender Stratocaster.
If you want to sale your owned items, please feel free contact us.

Items We want to purchases are:

  • Fender Stratocaster which are manufactured in 1954 to 1981.
  • We are looking for refinished items, the player's items whose parts have changed, and the collector's piece in 100% original and/or in the Near-Mint and Mint conditions.
    Wspecialy, the item with the original Custom Color, the item in 100% original Mint condition, and the rare spec items, which touch a heart of owner, Key will be assessed in igh price.
  • Original parts are cases of the Fender Stratocaster which are in 1954 to 1981
  • Original goods for the Fender and accessories of the Fender Stratocaster which are manufactured in 1954 to 1981.
    Also, we are lookinf foe an Instruction manual for the Stratocaster, a tag, a bridge cover, Tremolo arm and tremolo backplate, an original strap, a loss, a coard, tools and more.

WANTED: Top Cash Paid

Now H.I.Guitars, Inc. "Strato-Crazy" seeking following Vintage Fender Stratocasters for owner, Key's parsonal collection and our shop "Strato-Crazy" shop collection.

We guarantee "Top Cash Paid". Please make an offer, any time!!

  • 50s original Custom Color Stratocaster
  • '55 and '56 original "BLOND" stratocaster for "Wite Burst" color.
  • Early '54 Sunburst Stratocaster
    With Short Skirt knobs, Football Switch-tip and Form fit case
    Especialy, top cash paied for Serial number on Tremolo backplate, parfect early '54 spec.
  • Pre-CBS original Custom Color Stratocaster
    Especialy, top cash paid for 1959 to 1962 Slab Rose neck and 1962 to 1964 Spaggheti logo and Black bobbin pickups ('63 spec.)

In case you want to sale the Vintage Stratocaster

Please send us the E-mail, titeld "Asking Price"
When you are sending the E-mail, please attched the picture which clearly show the condition of the guitar and also the following the specification (as much as possible
These specifications wewant you to send are:

  • The year of manufacture, Color and the condition of the guitar.
  • Wheather you have refreted, replaced a nut and/or other parts.
  • The date of Neck, a body, Pots, and Pickups and Serial number.
  • Presence of the case and other accsessories
  • Your asking price and/or your best price
    NOTE: Please do not ask our offer price, we do not offer you our asking price, we only consider to buy or not fron your asking price and/or your best price.

In case you want to sale a perts, a case and other accsessories

Please send us the E-mail, titeled "Asking Price" and describe the details specification of items you want to sale and attach several disital photos which clear show the condition of it.
And please let us know your asking price and/or your best price.

H.I.Guitars,Inc. Buying deal details

1)1St Step for the deals

  • We can pay you in Japanese Yen, US Dollor, Euro and GBP、so please feel free to ask us.
  • We will contact you after checking the specification and attched photos, which you send us by the E-mail.
  • These is a possibility that we may not able to accept your offer.
  • And also, we may ask you provide us the additional information and/or photos.
  • We will discuss the price.

2)Second Stem foe the deals

When we reach an agreement with the purchasing prices and condition of the deal, we will ask you to send us the guitar and/or parts ou want to sale by the Fedex Fright Collect, UPS Fright Collect or USPS International.

  • In case, it is the first deal with us, it is necessary for you to send us item that you want to sale at first. (We cannot pay the money before we will recieve your item)
    Of course, we will cover the shipping cost. If you have Fedex or UPS account, please ship your items by collect.
    If you don't have these account, please check the USPS International shipping cost to Japan and let us know, We will send the shipping fee through PayPal before your shipping.
  • From the second deal, in case of you are shopper, we are happy to discuss with you the condition of the deal, suc as pay first and/or a send half deposit at first (and half balance after we recieved your item).
    But sorry, in case of the dealer (don't have a shop) and parsonal collectors and/or players, we cannot send our payment bank wire at first any time.
  • In case of big dea, we are consider visiting to contact a face to face business and/or cash on deliverry.
  • It is minimum requirements for the deal that you have to respond in the same way as our "Online shopping policy" in case we don't accept the item which send us after inspecting the actual item.
    It means that when we contact you and tell you that we connot accept your offer within 48 hours of the product recieve, you are required to agree with returning whatever the reasons are.
    (When we will require you the return and refund, we will cover the shipping fee for returning the item.)
  • As soon as we recieve the item, we will conduct the insction.
    And if these is no problem, we will deposit promisd price to the appointed bank account on next business day.
  • If the item you sent us dosen't meet our standerds after the inspection, we will contact you right after the product delivery, and we will ship back you on next business day.
  • Please understand that if we will find the problems during the inspection, it is possible that we need to negotiate with you about the purchasing price.

To bigining with, please feel free to contact us.

A Trade-In Policy

When you purchase theVintage Stratocaster from the H.I.Guitras, Inc. "Strato-Crazy", we are happy to meet your request for a trade-in and/or upgrading of the Vintage Stratocster which you currently possess.

Terget Stratocster For the Trading are

  • The items which you acn trade-in are limited to the Vintage Fender Stratocster which were manufactured in 1954 to 1981.
  • The current Fender USA-made and/or Custom Shop-made, Fender Mexico-made Stratocaster are not applicable for this service.
  • And also, the oarts, cases and the other sccessories of the Vintage Fender Stratocasters are NOT applicable for trade-in, and the other vintage guitars, too.

At the first, please send the E-mail, titeld "Trade-in Offer"

When you sending the E-mail, please attch the digital photos which clearly show the current condition of it and provide us the following the specifications (whatever you know.)

  • The year of manufacture, Color and the condition of the guitar.
  • Wheather you have refreted, replaced a nut and/or other parts.
  • The date of Neck, a body, Pots, and Pickups and Serial number.
  • Presence of the case and other accsessories.

After checking the specifications and photos which you send us by E-mail, we will give you as estimate trade-in price and condition of the deal.

  • It is possible that may ot accept your offer in vanous reasons, such as the condition of the item you want to trade-in.
  • It is possible that we may ask you to send us the additional imformation and/or igital photos.

When we reach an agreement with the conditions of the trade-in, you need send us the guitar which you want to trade-in.

  • You are responsible for shpping fees.
  • Please clearly state "Trade-inn item" on the shipping invoice.

As soon as we recieve the guitar, we will inspect it. And then, we will send you the detailed result by the E-Mail..

  • If these is no problem with the guitar you sent us, we will ask you remit additinal money to us according to the conditions we hace agree in advance.
    As sson, we confirm the deposit of the additinal payment, we will ship the guitar o you on nexy business day. (We cover the shipping charge)
  • If you are not sasisfied the guitar, please contact us 48 hoursof the delivery.
    We will cancel your order by following "Retuen and Refund Policy".
  • If you want to cancel the deal, please return the items which we sent you (You are responibile for the return shopping fees.)
  • At the time of shipping, please state "Return and Refund Item" on the shipping invoice.
  • Until all deals will be closed, we will store the trade-in item that you sent us in advance with a great care..
    So feel free about it..

As soon as recieve the return item, we will conduct the inspection.

And after we confirm the condition of the returned item is the same as the condition of it at the time as shipping, we will return you the trade-in guitar to you
(We will require you the return shipping fees, that. we will offset from your refund bank wire amount).
(If you wish for sale nd if the price reaches an agreement, it is possible for you to sale the guitar which you wanted to trade-in.)

When you recieve the guitar, please check it.

As soon as you confirm these is no problem, please contact us, and them we will deposit the differemce you have paid in advance to the appointed bank wire account on next business day.

  • We require you the bank wire fees (US$65.00): It is offset from your refund bank wire amount.)
  • We refund you in the same currency (Japanese Yen or US$) as you remit us.
    A forigen exchange profit and an exchange loss which may occur later out bof the scope os our guarntee.

To bigining with, please feel free to contact us.