Bonnie Pick with '68 Telecaster Maple Cap neck/ ST-2831

Light weight 1Piece ash body with White pearl & Abalone Inlay body with '68 Telecaster neck and '69 Gray Bobbin pickups.

Strato-Crazt builted from super featker weight 1Piece ash body with '68 Telecaster neck & '69 Stratocaster pickups.

  • Perfect shell Inlay work.
  • 'Three original '69 Gray Bpobbin pickups, Strong "Rock'n Roll" tone!!
  • With Fender USA Reissue Black Tolex Case.

Strato-Crazy Original
"Collector's Vintage Compo"

'66 White pearl & Abalone shell top Stratocaster/ ST-2830

Special Price US$5,600
<Details Information>
*Neck: '68 Telecaster Maple Cap Neck (Neck Date: 3 JUN 68 B)
 Original Finish in "Brand-New" condition, With original "F" tuners, and Strings tree.
*Body: Super light weight ash body with all hand crafted "White pearl" and "Abalone" inlay.,
*Pickups: '69 original Gray Bobbin (Pickups Date: 1829×3)
*Pickguard: Strato-Crazy original Champagne Gold Anodized pickguard.
*Tremolo Assy: Fender USA Pat. Pend "Pure Vintage Parts"
*Tremolo Spring: Raw Vintage "Pure Tremolo Springs Set"
*Pots & Switch: CTS 250KΩ Pot×3, CRL 5Way-Switch
*Neck Plate: Strato-Crazy Original
*With Fendewr USA Reissue Black Tolex Case.