'75 Walnut Stratocaster /Maple neck / VG-3176

Alder body '75 original "Walnut" Maple neck, 100% original in more thn 8.75/10 condition.

"Walnut" color added for Fender Color chart in Mid 1973, and futured "3Ply Black Pickguard".
The guitar is 1975 model. pickups already changed "Flat Pole pice" but Body still keep "Alder" same as 1974...feather weight less than 7.7lb.
100% original more than 8.75/10 condition, only two small tipping wears at body edge, still keep shining and clean!!

  • 100% original (never touched any solider joints)
  • Alder body less than 77lb feather weight, strong "Rock'n Roll" sound.
  • With original Black Tolec case.

'75 Walnut /Maple neck / VG-3176

Special Price US$4,180

・We alredy done proffecinal set up, original frets more than 85% left, easy to play.
*Neck Date: 0903-X5X5 Can't read
*Pots Date : 137 7531×3
*Pickups : 164675×3
With original Black Tolex case, Tremolo arm and Tremolo backplate.