'74 Natural "Haedtail" Stratocaster /Maple neck / VG-3177

Ash body '74 "Natural・Hardtail” Maple neck, Beautiful ash grain body, Changed tuners, nut, 5way-SW...Strong "Rock'n Roll" sound!!

'74 "Natural maple neckl Tremolo less "Hardtail" model.
Beautiful ash grain body, but more than 9.2lb...a little bit heavy but strong tone!!
Changed tuners for late '70 "F" key, nut and 5Way-Switch, we already done professinal set-up, original frets still keep more than 80%. easy to paly, Higher recommend for all players.

  • Only changed nut and 5Way-Switch (Frets still keep original)
  • Tuners changed for late 70s "F" key (See photos)
  • Beautiful grain Ash body more than 9.2lb...a little bit heavy, but you can get strong "Rock'n Roll" sound.
  • Only four small extra holes at back of headstock, we don't know why...but now perfect restored. (See photos)
  • With original Black Tolec case.

'74 Natural "Heardtail" /Maple neck / VG-3177

Special Price US$3,520

・We alredy done proffecinal set up, original frets more than 85% left, easy to play.
*Neck Date: 0903 3234
*Pots Date : Vol Can't read, Tone-1 137 7439, Tone-2 137 7412
*Pickups : Neck 74074, Center and Brodge 73774×2
With original Black Tolex case